Letters to the Editor

Letter: Iran agreement

My parents are baby boomers, the first generation to grow up with the threat of nuclear weapons. I was born shortly after the end of the Cold War, a period of time marked by fear and proliferation of nuclear weapons. This dangerous trend is once again impacting our lives. Specifically, some members of Congress have shown a blatant disregard for our global security when it comes to Iran.

Currently, Sen. Bob Corker, R-Tenn., and other shortsighted senators have sponsored a bill that would place unnecessary and dangerous oversight on any final agreements with Iran. Despite the success of P5+1, Corker and his supporters are challenging this diplomatic victory. Proposed oversight strips negotiators of their ability to make a deal in good faith and challenges this hard-fought diplomatic triumph that has international support. Opponents of the negotiations, including Senator Corker, offer no viable alternatives to ensure that Iran does not obtain nuclear weapons.

For far too long, meaningful international cooperation has been limited by petty domestic politicking, it’s a shame to see this happening again regarding something as dangerous as the proliferation of nuclear weapons. I am committed to breaking this trend in my generation, and it begins with all of us supporting these negotiations.

Avery Roberts, Boise