Letters to the Editor

Letter: Keystone pipeline

The dust settled and Keystone Pipeline vetoed. What is the logic? This is how it appears to me.

Canada has oil to sell. Canada is a country that halfway likes us. Canada is going to sell oil to us or to other countries. Canada wants to sell America oil and deliver it via Keystone pipeline.

No. No. We buy oil from Middle Eastern nations, many of whom hate our guts, that includes our liver, heart, the whole nine yards. They will use a lot of that money to buy weapons that will kill and maim us and manipulate our economy. In time of conflict or war, let’s see how we can make that oil flow secure.

Environment? A pipeline. A pipeline might spring a leak. In that case turn off the valve and contain the mess. A valve can even activate automatically for quick cutoff. We prefer oil in via tankers, which hit a rock, spill millions of gallons into the ocean. Try cleaning that up.

We bring in oil with thousands of rail cars that now and then derail and burn, and are costly.

The common phrase is “no-brainer.” Keystone pipeline fits that description. Authorize Keystone.

Ed J. Lewis, Caldwell