Letters to the Editor

Letter: Diabetes

Approximately 98,700 Idahoans have diabetes — that’s 8.5 percent of the population. And in 2012, the disease cost the state nearly $1.32 billion. When my daughter Kennedy was 5 years old, she became part of this statistic — she was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (T1D). Since her diagnosis, she has had to check her blood glucose levels nearly 10 times a day. Though insulin keeps her alive, she is still at risk of developing serious complications.

There is hope for people like Kennedy who are desperate for a cure for diabetes. Recently, Sens. Mike Crapo and Jim Risch, as well as Rep. Mike Simpson, voted in favor of H.R. 2, the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015, which contained a two-year renewal of the Special Diabetes Program. The SDP funds research that is advancing technology, treating complications and finding the causes of the disease. Thanks to this research, we are one step closer to a cure, and Kennedy is living a healthier life in the meantime.

Thank you, Crapo and Risch and Simpson, for your support of the SDP.

Pam Howland, Boise