Letters to the Editor

Letter: Police Body cameras

On communist day this year, May 1, the U.S. national media announced an initial $20 million dollar federal program to provide body cameras for all “small and medium-sized police departments.”

Are we Americans concerned yet? See any dangerous trends developing? Don’t notice any increases of totalitarian power crowding in on our lives? If not, I must wonder why. What is it that keeps people generally so overly trusting, so glibly unaware?

My concern goes way beyond police body cameras, seeing today’s whole socio/political mindset of endless “crime and terrorism threats” as an evil ploy — one purposely (officially) created, then deliberately driven daily into our psyche to keep us “needy,” submissive and afraid, as it steadily lures us into an ever-tightening web of control.

At what point will the people stand up and say enough? Then beyond that, how about we return America to a time when a simple, kindly cop walked the local neighborhood, with little children excitedly running after?

One thing for sure: Wherever police officers are simply true guardians of the peace, very little high-tech surveillance equipment will ever be needed.

So, cameras for huge metropolises? Maybe. For our small, peaceful, rural towns? No thanks.

Carol Asher, Kamiah