Letters to the Editor

Letter: West Ada election

The first time I had a child of a school board member in my science class was my first year of teaching. I was informed that the son of the school board president would be in my class. The news made me very nervous as I was told that board members have great power over teachers.

Throughout my career, I’ve had children of board members as students. In fact, there has not been a time that I did not have a child of a board member.

Why do I share this? It is because board members who have children in schools “get it.” My experiences were positive and enlightening. So much so, that I can say that having parents as board members is critical to a well-run locally controlled district.

That is why I support Dr. Julie Madsen in her run for West Ada Zone 4. She is a mother of two school-age boys and deeply involved in education. Her perspective and experience will be valuable to this board. Her platform offers a clear contrast to the incumbent who supported the Luna Laws. With Dr. Madsen as a West Ada board member, we can have excellent local schools.

Mary Ollie, Meridian