Letters to the Editor

Letter: West Ada election

I am writing in support of Julie Madsen, M.D., for West Ada trustee. I can’t vote for Julie because I live in Boise, but I have the highest regard for her as an education advocate. We’ve had numerous conversations over the past five years, as both local and statewide education policy issues have surfaced. If you live in Zone 4, I encourage you to get out and vote for Julie. She’s bright, insightful and committed to your district.

Julie Madsen has two children in elementary school and believes that parental involvement, both in the classroom and in setting policy, improves education outcomes and strengthens schools. She knows this district prides itself on providing a good education on a tight budget, and she will bring wisdom and a parent’s point of view to those difficult decisions.

Julie is willing to take the time to listen to parents and teachers to understand how we can work together to make sure students are prepared for college and work, and that our talented, hardworking teachers are supported and respected.

Vote for Julie Madsen on Tuesday.

Sue Lovelace, Boise