Letters to the Editor

Letter: West Ada election

Thank you for the very informative article that was printed on May 13 regarding the school board race and Russ Joki. In my view, the article really shows what it means to grow as a person and how important it is to realize we are all human and fallible. It made me realize that no one is perfect and that Joki is the kind of genuine person I want on a newly reshaped school board. He has earned my vote for having the guts to step up for parents and kids.

Joki was the only one who came to my door and explained not only why he’s running, but had a plan on how our district could be better. He’s an upfront and open guy who has the education and experience needed to change the direction of the current perpetually elected board. Can you say term limits anyone? Suing the state for charging parents various fees just to send our kids to school isn’t a bad thing in my view. In fact, what a welcome surprise it was Joki who filed the suit. The Idaho Constitution requires a free education, and frankly, the state has not delivered.

Julian Jenkins, Meridian