Letters to the Editor

Letter: Shelter dogs

Dog lovers please read: If you’re buying a purebred dog, do your research. Look up puppy mills and how we inadvertently support them when buying a purebred. Look up health issues. Purebred dogs are in-bred. Why? Because at one point in time, there were only two that were bred together. Naturally, in-breeding causes genetic mutations which often lead to breed-specific health issues.

Why not the pound, where dogs sit lonely and confused as to why they were left in a strange place. Why is it OK for them to be homeless because they are not the latest “trendy” breed? A dog is a dog —an intelligent, loyal creature. Why are people spending money — often hundreds — on purebreds when there’s millions of homeless dogs?

I don’t mean to offend anyone who has a purebred. I am just asking you to educate yourself. Any dog deserves to be with you the rest of their lives. They don’t understand that you are moving and your place doesn’t allow dogs, or that they are uncontrollable. Find somewhere that does allow dogs. Get a trainer. We depend on dogs for companionship. They depend on us for forever homes.

Kaira Hughes, Boise