Letters to the Editor

Letter: Same-sex marriage

Apparently Christians do not have equal rights, they are persecuted and fined for their beliefs.

In the case of Aaron and Melissa Klein, they were discriminated against by our government. Are we no longer a nation under God? A judge from Oregon is proposing that a lesbian couple should be awarded $135,000 because someone refused to bake them a wedding cake. Instead, they should be given an award.

Just because a sinful nation recognizes homosexual marriages, God does not. It wasn’t a mistake that Sodom was destroyed. God wasn’t pleased with sodomites then or now. In the Old Testament, God commanded Moses to stone men if they laid with each other. In the New Testament, Jesus never condoned immoral acts.

Paul preaches in the last days, men will turn from sound doctrine and hear what their itching ears want to hear, and they will turn their ears from the truth.

Cheryl Hoepner, Meridian