Letters to the Editor

Letter: Special session

Hooray. Our elected “representatives” are returning to a special session to work on the Child Support Enforcement bill, where Idaho is at risk of losing $46 million because of noncompliance with the federal regulations. Thank goodness there is a special session. Otherwise, many families are victims to the ignorance and arrogance of the lawmakers who refused to act responsibly the first time.

Evidently, Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll fanned the flames of fear, which resulted in the bill being tabled. The legislators who voted to table the bill should also be responsible for paying for this special session. The daily cost of $35,000 for this special session is going to be passed on to the taxpayers — just because legislators didn’t do their job when they had the opportunity. Irresponsible.

This special session is just one of many examples that our legislators are not doing the job. It’s time to raise the standards — it’s not enough to “hate” government. There are real lives at stake, and the legislators who voted to table this child support enforcement bill need to be replaced.

Chris Stokes, Star