Letters to the Editor

Letter: Religious fear

I wish to respond to the article titled “Idaho’s history of religious fear goes back decades” (April 23): This purports to equate current concerns about Muslims and Islam with earlier prejudices against Mormon settlers and Basque Catholic immigrants. This is nonsense. Mormons and Basques did not follow ideologies of intolerance, hatred of infidels, belief in religious law superseding civil law, unwillingness to assimilate into society, submission and persecution and killing of nonbelievers, etc.

It should be apparent to every reasonable person that wherever radical Islam holds sway, persecution of non-Muslims is rampant and respect for human rights disappears (see the events happening in the Middle East, Africa, Afghanistan, Pakistan, for example). In addition, European countries are being rapidly Islamized in submission to their burgeoning Muslim populations, and free speech is fading away. Jews in Europe are under attack by Muslims in rapidly increasing numbers.

The accompanying article “How’d we get here?” is descriptive; that former Muslim turned Christian pastor was spot-on in his warning about radical Islam. He must be careful because he is a prime target for violence; apostates from Islam are subject to the death penalty under Sharia law.

Mel Laraway, Boise