Letters to the Editor

Letter: Idaho GOP

By now the world knows that one of American’s greatest Olympians, Bruce Jenner, is transsexual, Christian and Republican. This must come as a terrible shock to Idaho’s Republican legislators, who are bigoted, narrow-minded and hateful toward any individual who does not conform to their parochial definition of a human being. Kudos to Bruce Jenner for being brave enough to accept his inner self and to speak up for all LBGT people who do not have a national spotlight and a two-hour television special to explain themselves. I have a nephew who is gay; he was born that way. I have friends who are gays and transgenders; they were born that way. I worked with a professional engineer at HP who underwent a sex-change operation to become a woman. He was married and had two children. He was the same co-worker before and after his very private decision.

I am frustrated and outraged that Idaho’s Republican legislators believe that discrimination against LBGT people is OK. Our ignorant, intolerant, Idaho GOP should be voted out of office. Idaho is too great for hate.

Linda Simmons, Boise