Letters to the Editor

Letter: Legislature

The latest session of the GOP Idaho Legislature is over (except for a special session) and it’s time to review the smoke, dust and sour stench left over from the whole affair. The first month is invariably spent issuing threats, throwing elbows, paybacks, and stink-eye stare downs for all the grudges and perceived offenses of the prior year. Then, the second month is devoted to passing pointless culture war measures or passing some “reach out and hurt” a perceived enemy group laws. These measures often hurt everyone, not just the intended targets. Then, with only a couple weeks left, the real dive, duck and cover starts when the serious issues left on the back-burner become unavoidable: roads, education, environment, Medicare expansion, human rights. The remaining effort is then dedicated to propaganda directed at convincing the people of Idaho that nothing can really be done, so half-measures are passed, excuses are made and the hard work is kicked down the road until next year. For your own sake, Idaho, pull a different lever.

Chris Morris, Caldwell