Letters to the Editor

Letter: Bogus Basin

For those who enjoy our local winter sports area, Bogus Basin, we have a crisis brewing. Our hometown mountain is struggling financially and needs each of us to step forward now and contribute.

The crisis stems from a mentality that says, “Well, last year sucked, so I’m not going to buy a season pass.” Do you recognize this thinking?

Although I have not seen the actual numbers, it’s reasonable to say Bogus Basin is getting low on cash. To make a local nonprofit ski mountain viable, locals need to support the area through thick and thin. Realistically there will be a mixture of seasons, some delightful and some regretful. This is the nature of winter sports. To keep Bogus going each of us needs to pitch in.

To make this clear, just imagine your gut reaction, if you heard sometime in the future Bogus will not open due to financial distress. You probably would mutter “Shoulda, coulda, woulda.” Buy a season pass today, buy a few lift tickets as gifts for children or just make a donation.

This is the time to ensure our wonderful local ski area survives. See you on the slopes.

John Connors, Boise