Letters to the Editor

Letter: Support Joki

Who wants to be on the West Ada School Board?

I see a charter school board member, a State Department employee, and private contractor with ties to the district.

Then there’s Russ Joki. He’s the only independent thinker.

Russ has an impressive record preparing school leaders. In his years as a university professor, he taught hundreds of teachers and school administrators. As a graduate teacher at a private Christian university, Russ helps students finish their doctoral degrees. In that capacity, he’s always reading new educational research.

Our district needs board members who support parent involvement, something our current board does not do. In our Strategic Plan, parents are barely mentioned and never given any meaningful role. But the school board and Dr. Clark made sure weed control was included.

Russ will make sure parents are included in the Plan and “weed out” the other stuff.

I’m supporting Russ for the West Ada school board.

Robert Steele, Meridian