Letters to the Editor

Letter: West Ada election

Russ Joki is the West Ada School Board candidate who had the courage to stand up for parents and students by demanding an end to illegal school fees.

Three years ago Russ filed a lawsuit against the state of Idaho for its failure to fund K-12 and against districts charging unconstitutional fees. The Idaho Constitution is clear: Article 9, Section 1 requires free schools.

Yet our district, and others, charge fees to register in school, take classes and participate in programs. All these fees violate the Idaho Constitution and burden hardworking moms and dads. Some parents have been turned away the first day of school because they didn’t have the money to pay fees.

It’s time for a change on the school board. We need someone who supports the Idaho Constitution.

Russ has strong Idaho leadership experience. He’s been an Idaho school district business manager, an Idaho superintendent, and professor of educational leadership at the University of Idaho.

And he’s the candidate who’s working for your vote, walking your neighborhood, talking about his qualifications.

It’s time for parents to have voice on the school board. Russ will be our voice.

Sarah Holt, Meridian