Letters to the Editor

Letter: Kuna election

When I moved to Kuna 13 years ago, it was for the schools, following the lead of my husband’s extended family, who also moved here for the schools. So the schools are important to me, especially now that my daughter is in high school. And on the whole I’ve been pleased with my decision. The Kuna School District does the best they can with what they have, and most people put in 110 percent.

It isn’t easy to know which school board candidates are the best when election season rolls around, because I haven’t always met all the candidates. So I use three rules to help me pick which ones I should vote for:

1. Do they send their own kids to the Kuna public schools?

2. How have they supported Kuna schools in the past?

3. How prepared are they to be on the school board?

Based on these criteria, it’s easy for me to see that the best candidates for the Kuna School Board election on Tuesday are J.D. Grant, Carl Ericson and Joy Garrison. Please join me in voting for these candidates.

Sharon Fisher, Kuna