Letters to the Editor

Letter: Democrats vs. Republicans

Reference to the letter (April 25) “Republicans” by Norma Ellison, where she contends Republicans don’t care for middle class/seniors.

I have followed your Democratic president since his election — he’s rarely mentioned the seniors in the media. And it was, “I am going to cut Medicare/Social Security.”

The seniors he wants to cut brought you (collectively) to where you are now. Democrats.

There were fewer on assistance in my generation (we proudly worked). Democrats.

Fewer big projects. Not like now, there are enviro-studies — bids go out to other states. We should keep it local, the dads got together and built, (for instance) the school bus covers. Neighbors often allowed them on their property for the good of all school kids. Now they cost money. Democrats.

We seniors deserve what we’ve worked for. We are aged out of the job market.

We Republicans are open to discussions.

Retired government workers get the same benefits politicians get. We just worked more years to qualify.

Melinda Brown, Eagle