Letters to the Editor

Letter: Ag-Gag law

All the letters about the Ag-Gag law are so negative and make no sense. You would think that every dairyman has employees that beat their cows. How absurd. As a longtime dairy manager and also an owner of a dairy, I know that the manager cannot possibly know everything that is going on. Sometimes you are made aware by other employees. Then you can take action just as the dairyman did when this whole thing started. He fired the abusive employee. Some animals are just plain not conducive to being handled and will kick the one trying to milk them. I always told my employees to let me know of these type of animals and I would sell them. It isn’t worth the trouble and the upsetting of employees. And whatever your job is, how would you like a secret video being taken while you work?

Noel Sorenson, New Plymouth