Letters to the Editor

Letter: Workers Memorial Day

Every day 150 workers are killed by job injuries and illnesses. Every year on Workers Memorial Day, working Americans gather to commemorate those who have lost their lives due to workplace-induced illnesses and injuries. Working Americans should demand stronger safety protections on the job because every year thousands of workers continue to be exposed to dangerous hazards such as silica, combustible dust and other toxins that harms workers. These exposures are unnecessary and easy to control.

Every day corporations send men and women into unsafe conditions in the name of higher profits, with no regard for the consequences that can occur. Every year 50,000 additional workers die due to workplace-related incidents. It is time for lawmakers to put workers first and do more to ensure that OSHA regulations are strengthened and adhered to.

This Workers Memorial Day (which was observed April 28), Idaho’s working families stood up for safe workplaces and attended ceremonies around Idaho.

Aaron White, president, Idaho State AFL-CIO, Boise