Letters to the Editor

Letter: Legislature

Wow. Not only did our pitiful Legislature fail to even remotely address the transportation shortfall, it opened its arms to all the deadbeat dads across the country and said, “Welcome to Idaho. Your safety from pesky moms and their lawyers is guaranteed.” No bills, no frills, no child support payment. “Yippee tie one on.”

The embarrassment from this poor attempt at governing will be a long time overcoming. Thank you Butch Otter and the bums.

You know, the inaction of “our” Idaho Legislature is reminiscent of “your” Washington, D.C., cousins, supremely inept, but well “funded.”

I know. Throw the bums out. It’s simple, press another ballot box. Any ballot box. Make one up. Please. Our government is sick, but it’s we residents who are ailing.

Jim Roach, Moscow