Letters to the Editor

Letter: Child support

A Statesman article criticized nine courageous legislators who stood up for the citizens of Idaho against foreign law creeping into Idaho’s Constitution. Due to fear of losing his precious federal “funds” coming from debt that is being dumped on the very children Otter “cares” about, the Legislature will be back Monday (May 18) to reconsider their decision to avoid submitting to a treaty demanding that Idaho courts accept decisions of foreign courts and tribunals without review. Scott Keim, welfare department lawyer, assured lawmakers there is language intended to protect Idaho from decisions that do not align with Idaho law; but how do we ascertain that with no right of review?

You’ve seen scare tactics on the news saying if Idaho doesn’t comply, 155,000 families (400,000 residents) will be affected. Really? 25 percent of Idaho’s population, dependent on federal funds to enforce their child support?

This bill does set a precedent for foreign law being allowed to undermine the clear requirement for due process we are blessed with in the United States.

A lot of citizens must appear at the Statehouse at 8 a.m. Monday to show those we elect we expect them to preserve our unique rights to due process that many countries lack.

Sheila Ford, Caldwell