Letters to the Editor

Letter: Cannabidiol oil

Our Legislature takes many precautions to keep our children safe from kidnappers and killers, but will any of these lawmakers stop to think about the killer living inside the bodies of children living with epilepsy, which may be arrested by one medicinal oil. Of course not, because they only choose to see this life-saving oil as a street drug. These children are suffering and we can do something to help stop that.

As parents we put our children first and protect them at all cost. How is this any different? Well, members of the House, I ask you, don’t you think this is one of the ways the parents of Alexis are trying to protect and save her life? Take some time and research the facts about plants that have been used for medicinal purposes for ages, before you say no. By extracting the oil from a special strain of the cannabis plant, we can treat many children suffering from rare and debilitating diseases. These children are not using this plant to get high; they are administered the oils for healing. Please help these children find some peace and comfort from their disease.

Jenn Burkeybile, Meridian