Letters to the Editor

Letter: Vista neighborhood

Vista Neighborhood Revitalization: 5th grade math and play to our strengths. In 5th grade, kids learn exponents. The point is, exponential growth on a finite planet ends in tears, and we learn this underlying principle by age 10. So why on Mother Earth are our civic and educational leaders ignoring this mathematical principle and professing growth as a way to improve our lives in the face of killing our planet for money? Any onlooking alien would be entertained. Piling on that, where is the logic in the city’s campaign to lend home improvement money to low-income families who struggle to afford existing debt in the first place? A rant without solution is useless, so here’s one: Teach our young the power of playing to their strength. Within the Vista area are people from all over the world. Involve them in our children’s classes. Invite and pay these community members to share their stories. After all, it’s stories that make up our reality. As professor Richard Florida has told us, our community lacks diversity and that’s holding all of us back, including kids from affluent areas of Boise.

Heinrich Wiebe, Boise