Letters to the Editor

Letter: Cannabidiol oil

I am very saddened to hear Gov. Butch Otter refused to meet with the family seeking for legalization of cannabis oil. I find it hypocritical that he or anyone else could deny use of such a substance when it is totally legal to use substances from the poppy plant and other such high-inducing plants to obtain relief from health issues. The MJ oil has less side effects and has in fact been proven to not only help with epilepsy, but other conditions as well. A recent study showed 100 percent remission rates for Crohn’s. Big pharma must be lining Otter’s pockets as well. This is a fantastic state but policies need to change. Medical MJ or even the oil could improve the health of many, without the side effects that could cause several other conditions, for which even more treatment would be needed. It will become legal at some point. Think of those who will rise up in support of the person who takes office and makes that choice. This isn’t about getting high but using what God put out there to help those with certain illnesses.

Dianne MacKay, Boise