Letters to the Editor

Letter: Cannabidiol oil

Once again our state leaders have used their best judgments to deprive the citizens of Idaho of our inherent and inalienable rights, which include the preservation of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Not only has our trusted governor vetoed a law that would benefit a small cadre of sick children, our ultra-conservative state leaders are letting stand his veto of Alexis’ Law — a law that provides for the use of a cannabis-derived drug that can benefit those with severe seizure disorders. I bet if the governor had vetoed a law that benefited the agricultural community (for example, a law that makes it illegal to document animal cruelty in a dairy or other ag-industry food production facility), our legislators would stumble all over themselves to unanimously override such a veto. Whatever happened to the Republican cry that they are the party of family values? Guess they don’t understand that protecting children from harm is a family value. Shame, shame, shame on both the governor for his veto and the state legislators for their inaction. He is just another elected politician whose mission should be to serve the public’s best interest.

John Ferrell, Boise