Letters to the Editor

Letter: Republicans

Republicans are not pro-life.

There is absolutely no evidence that the national or Idaho Republican Party cares about life in this state, country or the world.

Over the last 35 years the GOP has consistently been pro-war, pro-arms sales, pro-death penalty, pro-deficit, anti-environmental, anti-health care reform, anti-education, anti-social services, anti-Social Security, anti-food inspection and anti-Wall Street regulation.

These are the folks who wanted Wall Street to run Social Security. During the Bush administration we were encouraged to purchase gas guzzlers with tax breaks. The GOP has vowed to destroy the Affordable Care Act and offered no alternative.

These so-called pro-business folks continue to send American jobs overseas. They don’t care that this practice creates more unemployment.

On the issue of abortion, the GOP continues to put poor and middle-class women’s health at risk by making it more difficult to obtain safe abortions. The health and welfare of poor and middle-class families are not important to them. The GOP should place a sign in all hospital maternity wards that reads, “OK, baby, you made it. We’re done helping you. Good luck, you’ll need it.”

Bill Rutherford, Meridian