Letters to the Editor

Letter: Attacking Christians

There’s social groups wanting freedom from religion, and those wanting freedom of religion. My case: a migrant boat from Libya, bound for Italy with both Muslims and Christians on board. When the Muslims decide to throw 12 Christians overboard for praying to Jesus. At a joint press conference in D.C. with the Italian prime minister, your president had a chance to speak out on this atrocity, but was mute along with the majority of Muslims. Was this not a crime of hate that he’s always quick to comment on, and lecturing Christians, but not defending them? Not long after these murders, ISIS released a video of several Ethiopian Christians being executed for not converting to Islam. Those faithful had targets on their backs along with their bothers and sisters around the world. They did not have a constitution with a Second Amendment. I can’t speak for all true Christians, but being armed with the truth of knowledge and an AR15, an American Christian does not have to be given the choice to “convert or die.” With both houses in Washington electing to not speak out, the American Christians will have to defend themselves, with God’s help, of course.

Gene Martin, Emmett