Letters to the Editor

Letter: Child support

When 1 percent of our country forms of coalition with extremists and voters allow 17 percent of a state to create public policy for all, we give nine people permission to harm the well-being of innocent children. I find these words from Parker Palmer, “Healing the Heart of Democracy,” quite apropos right now:

“When we allow emotions to trump the intellect, we swallow ‘facts’ that are demonstrably untrue, letting them fly around unchallenged in a mockery of civic discourse, supporting public figures who promote fictions to further their own cause ... Reduce the heart to feelings, and you get politics as a dangerous game of emotional manipulation that can in the long run lead to tyrannies of several sorts. Restore the heart to its rightful role as the integral core of our human capacities, and it gives us a place of power in which to stand, along with the kind of knowledge we need to rebuild democracy’s infrastructure from the inside out.”

Dottie Lowe, Boise