Letters to the Editor

Letter: Water conservation

I am encouraged to see articles on the local news and in the paper about water conservation and drought issues. The Treasure Valley wastes more water than anyplace I have ever seen. We need to learn a lesson from other states. This area can and will have an ongoing water shortage if we don’t start conserving and planning. If we want to continue to eat we need to ensure farmers get the water they need to grow food. One look at all the city fountains, subdivision waterfalls and lakes, and water features in many yards would appall outsiders from across the country and other nations. There is a horrific amount of water wasted from evaporation rates. Then, too, most folks overwater their yards because they have canal water rights and don’t take the time to determine the correct water need for their property. Let’s get ahead of the curve and not end up like other states. It does no one any good in the long run to be selfish about water. It is in short supply.

Paula Bowman, Meridian