Letters to the Editor

Letter: Kuna vote

Kuna Taxing District vote come May 19, aka ... Played for a pool.

March 12 meeting noted:

The pool recreation center is anticipated to lose money. Every year forever.

The pool to use will not only be a property tax but every business you use in Kuna tax as well as having to pay for use at the site – aka YMCA.

Truth is the Deerflat Dairy is not moving unless bought out. Who wants to smell cow manure at a public facility? That will cause their property to go up in value. Why sell?

Truth is people were paid to collect signatures.

Truth is the tax district if created will be forever. Roaring Springs yearly passes are cheaper.

Truth is if passed by “simple” majority will bring in over half million in city revenue for recreation, not just a pool center, the petition gatherers mislead those to understand the truth and costs.

Truth is only 340 people noted on the survey. $15 million minimum.

Truth is there are less expensive ways to fund a pool period. Vote yes, vote no but ...

Truth is if you don’t vote, you don’t have a say. Vote no for no more taxing districts.

Lynn Campbell, Kuna