Letters to the Editor

Letter: Herbicide

2,4-D was sprayed in the Muni Park on Earth Day, April 22, 2015. While the controversy surrounding this broad range leaf herbicide remains inconclusive, I would still question the wisdom of spraying 2,4-D on a day when the Muni Park was filled with school children investigating the flora and fauna of our lovely park. Due to the strong winds the stench from the herbicide was nauseating, and totally consumed the lovely spring fragrances flowering in the park. The data surrounding the herbicide does not support evidence of damage to wild bees; however, since the herbicide kills off all bee-loving wild growth such as thistle, clover and dandelion, the application of 2,4-D must be re-evaluated. 2,4-D contains the active ingredient Agent Orange. Application prior to spraying requires the use of protective clothing completely covering the body including shoes. That this herbicide was sprayed on a day when the park was filled with schoolchildren, teachers, parents and toddlers indicates poor judgment at best.

Alexandra E. Appel, Boise