Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

At a hearing of the City Council on the proposal to close Jefferson, St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center once more presented its list of non-negotiable demands to the citizens of Boise. Close Jefferson Street. There is no other option.

Jeff Hull, from St. Luke’s, is reported as having said that expanding St. Luke’s to the west is not an option because “the hospital doesn’t own all of the land it would need.” May I point out to Mr. Hull, and to the City Council, that the hospital doesn’t own Jefferson Street, either. Given that, by Mr. Hull’s own logic, expanding to the north isn’t an option either. Thank you, Mr. Hull, for resolving the question for us.

So, I guess it’s back to the drawing board for St. Luke’s. Make whatever grandiose plans you want, just don’t make them on other people’s property.

John J. O’Hagan, Boise