Letters to the Editor

Letter: Second Amendment

I want to see if I can describe and demonstrate what it seems to me is what the authors of our Bill of Rights intended regarding the Second Amendment. Very plainly, this amendment says that the people have the right to keep and bear arms and restricts all branches of the government from infringing on that right. Ask yourself: Is requiring a permit to carry a concealed firearm an infringement of the Second Amendment? Though the question may stimulate a good deal of discourse, it is difficult for most to simply make the obvious declaration that it certainly does. Answering yes is likely to make one sound extreme even in this somewhat conservative state. Most will avoid the extremist label rather than consider the validity of my argument. Rather than pursue that answer, I will ask a different question that will be easier to answer and, it will illustrate my point. Would requirements for training in skills and knowledge, submitting your fingerprints for a background check to prove you have committed no serious crime and purchasing a permit authorizing you to exercise your right to free speech before you speak be an abridgment of the First Amendment?

Ken Henderson, Meridian