Letters to the Editor

Child support

Why is HHS threatening to withhold child support funding to force over half of the states to conform their state laws to the 2008 version of the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act? This will have no bearing on current caseloads. The UIFSA was amended in 2008 and it took the Uniform Law Commissioners two years to present it to the states for passage. Many states had and still have problems with how the provisions will affect their states laws. Over the last four years, 20 or so states have reconciled their differences. Now the government has told half of the states that you will accept this law or your funding will be cut off. This is what they call “cooperative federalism.” The question is why now? Current law has been working well for the last four years. Shouldn’t the remaining states be given time to reconcile their differences? Who decided that now was the time to bring the full force and power of the federal government into the process? If we knew the answers to those questions we would know what really is behind the threat.

Jim Goeppner, Nampa