Letters to the Editor

Child support legislation

An article headlined “Otter won’t commit to special session” was a synopsis of SB 1067 and included comments by Republican legislators. It is apparent that these legislators used the “blame game” to abdicate their responsibility for knowing and understanding bills before they vote. Their vote could have dire consequences. The excuse “we were told we could not amend the law.” Who told them? Why did they not question further? Ignorance is unacceptable.

These Republican legislators felt the federal government was “bullying the state” and “holding the state hostage.” Look in the mirror, Republicans. You have bullied the people of Idaho, have held its citizens hostage for far too long, are running the state into the ground financially and ruining people’s lives.

Citizens of Idaho, do not be fooled. Even if SB 1067 is corrected, the Republican Legislature has failed to help families who fall into the “insurance gap,” they are not interested in increasing the minimum wage or Add the Words, or taking responsibility for the broadband fiasco. Idahoans use your individual voting power. Be prepared. Begin by putting information about your legislators together and hold them accountable. Let’s get ready to clean up the Legislature.

Claudia Hambacker, Boise