Letters to the Editor

Water use

The annual spring mantra has begun — there isn’t enough water. Dire predictions follow on the heels of confident snowpack reports — as well as behind confident crop predictions and the doling out of futures/loans/subsidies. Idaho is no different than the rest of our nation — citizens, farmers, municipalities, ranchers and politicians are ringing their collective hands over water shortages. And while talk dwells on “fixes” like enforced rationing — we fail to implement the most elemental of actions. We denude our forests and rangelands until rainfall patterns are altered. We desecrate watersheds, destroy springs and creeks, fill our lakes and reservoirs with sediment. Yet we demand full water shares at all levels — using aquifers and surface water faster than nature could ever hope to replenish. We run millions of gallons down our sewers, water crops in the rain. In short, we burn, drill, graze, log, pave, permit, plant, plow, produce and otherwise consume as if there were no tomorrow. Rather than expecting government to save us from ourselves — perhaps we should invest our energies (and dollars) into wiser use of our water and other natural resources. Perhaps the earth is trying to tell us something ... perhaps it is time to listen.

Jim Prunty, Twin Falls