Letters to the Editor

Public lands

I believe we see another example of right-wing doublespeak and half-truths, this time from Fred Birnbaum in the April 16 Podium. His cleverly selected “expert” testimony predictably comes from like-feathered minds, in this case the Property and Environment Research Center of Montana. Had to chuckle about that one. Mr. B’s contention from this ‘unbiased’ source is that it has been proven that four states spend one-sixth the amount that the feds do on managing their lands. I don’t doubt this to be true, since in Idaho we spend far less on education, roads and bridges, and health care than what is needed. It would be appropriate to extrapolate this to the lands. However, as it can be expected if this were to become true that once the gold-rush to sell off what would then be state land to private ranchers and timber companies, the one-sixth would be more than sufficient for what, if any, was left. Wouldn’t be surprised to learn Sens. Jim Risch and Mike Crapo would get in the front of the line.

Robert Goyden, Boise