Letters to the Editor

Letter: Child support

Regarding SB1067: What does The Hague Treaty say?

I am not a lawyer. The Hague treaty says it is compulsory, and mandatory, so please read it yourself. It’s easy to find (hcch.net/upload/conventions/txt38en.pdf).

Some areas of concern are:

Article 1 requires “prompt enforcement” of foreign decisions by local states.

Article 2 allows for support beyond spouses and children to include relationships by marriage, parentage or other affinities.

Article 6 requires states to locate debtors, give personal information, asset and income locations and facilitate transfer of funds to foreign nations.

Article 19 allows retroactive and automatic increases decided by foreign governments.

Article 28 forbids any local state review of the merit of the original foreign support decision.

Article 34 allows foreign entities to require states to revoke driving licenses, garnish wages, bank accounts and take tax refunds.

These are serious constitutional issues. Plus, outright fraud by international criminals. Suppose your wallet is stolen on vacation in Europe. How would you fight a spurious claim in a foreign country?

Our federal government threatens ruinous punishment if states don’t acquiesce. Idaho can’t fight this alone. Idaho must coordinate with other states to negotiate a better deal to protect our rights and our children.

Joel Robinson, Boise