Letters to the Editor

Letter: Gas tax

The recent approval to increase the gas tax has me very disappointed in our legislators. It shows a lack of leadership and what their vision is for our city. It demonstrates that the city has a view to turn our city into another smog basin. They don’t need a gas tax increase as it demonstrates the need to continue developing every piece of property in the valley. The increase is needed to improve the roads where the infrastructure isn’t present thus allowing more building, congestion, smog and traffic. Our way of life in the valley will forever be changed and there will be no going back. Planning and zoning keeps approving higher density construction, rezoning, etc. thus the need for more funds to build roads. If you are going to do this why not make the developers build or widen the roads prior to building? The answer is that unless you are in construction, development or the public sector, you don’t really want all this construction, but the city thinks this drives the economy which isn’t sustainable unless you continue to develop every piece of land; which is exactly what they are doing. Boiseans, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Kevin McIntyre, Boise