Letters to the Editor

Letter: Child support

It is time to recall Rep. Ryan Kerby.

Idaho processes about 155,000 child support cases. Of these, less than 100 come from out of country. The majority of those are from Canada. These are cases decided by American judges in American courts, yet Rep. Kerby voted against the support of children.

Of the 155,000 cases, Idaho has to cajole about 85 percent of the parents to make their payments. Without this law, Idaho will not have the tools to get these parents to pay up on their responsibilities. It is completely unethical and sickening that children will not have the money they need for food, clothing and housing. What did these children do to deserve such horrible treatment?

Every member of the U.S. House and Senate voted in favor of this law. Every member of the Idaho Senate voted for this. Only Rep. Kerby’s committee saw a boogie man where none existed. They failed to listen to legal experts on the matter.

It is time for Mr. Kerby to man up and resign. I can’t see how anyone who voted for him after such a despicable deed could look themselves in the mirror.

Fred Byers, New Plymouth