Letters to the Editor

Letter: St. Luke’s

I worked at Saint Alphonsus for 13 years, and I came to know what a great hospital it is. During that same time, I came to understand what a great hospital St. Luke’s is as well. The community is incredibly lucky and should be very proud to have two really fine hospitals in the city.

I have two comments on the current St. Luke’s building controversy: 1) the unfortunate tactics being used by St. Luke’s to make its case for closing off Jefferson Street are not worthy of the great hospital it is. You can take Jefferson below grade, halfway below grade or build over the street and figure out how to incorporate that in the design, but stop trying to threaten the community with moving services. That ill-chosen behavior has done nothing but diminish a great institution in the eyes of the community. 2) Both hospitals could also do Boise, the Treasure Valley and themselves a great and long overdue service by stopping the foolish competition and seeking ways to collaborate for the betterment of the entire community, which desperately needs both of you doing the great work that you do.

Ben Murray, RN, MSN, Boise