Letters to the Editor

Letter: Father figures

More than half of America’s babies born today are born to mothers under 30; and the divorce rate among those who marry exceeds 40 percent. Absentee fathers breed broken homes, poverty, juvenile delinquency, crime and, frequently, incarceration.

By fifth grade, fatherless boys are more disruptive. By eighth grade, a larger number are being suspended from school and incarcerated. America’s juvenile jails are overflowing with sons from broken homes and families.

If the trend continues — and there’s little reason to think it won’t — the numbers of broken homes, lives and families will be staggering. We need to keep studying ways to help boys born into broken homes because, boys are the only thing that can become our future men and fathers.

If boys simply needed men in their lives to teach them, then uncles, friends or mentors would do; but some studies show children raised by step-fathers were even at a higher risk of incarceration than single moms who cohort.

Boys need great fathers in their lives because they teach them how to be men. Yet so much remains unknown for this generation of youth; but solving the problem will take something bigger than a good literacy program.

Morris Bastian, Boise