Letters to the Editor

Letter: Child support

Awareness? Facts: Recent legislative action leaves an estimated 183,000 Idahoan children in limbo for receiving child support and additional federal monies. The decision jeopardizes the other 49 states’ ability to collect child support from those emigrated from the U.S. and nullifies U.S. participation in a multinational treaty to police and collect child support globally. Legislators base their decision on an unwillingness to be dictated to by the Feds and foreign governments. This happened in April, National Child Abuse Awareness Month.

Questions for legislators and supporters: How does your egotistical need “not to be dictated to” trump the welfare/survival of children? Is your decision a form of child abuse? If these children’s income sources disappear, what new source will support them, or will they be kept in pens?

Judgments: From positions of power and abundance, you slash their safety nets. Appallingly, you act from a sense of moral rightness, protecting your “I won’t be dictated to ...” ego, your wealth, your well-being, and all those in your boat. All you legislators and supporters live comfortably while innocent children drown, in waters all about you – too proud, too self-absorbed, too self-righteous to hear the anguish of the innocent.

Steve Basil, Eagle