Letters to the Editor

Letter: Child support

The recent failure of the Idaho Legislature to pass SB 1067 because of ungrounded fears of Sharia law, or some sort of over-influence of the fed (it is their $43 million) on Idaho have led me to wonder about the cognitive processes of those legislators on that committee. I read their words and Mr. Nate’s recent op-ed attempt to “spin” the public reaction and I am even more concerned. I find their actions so bizarre and not in keeping with the best interests of Idaho that I’m calling for a serious evaluation by competent authority of their mental health. There is a noted obsession with fringe religious beliefs that are bleeding into the clearly secular matters of state. I think we are all entitled to our religious beliefs and opinions, but when they are so clearly off the rails it serves nobody and only costs taxpayers more money. It is time for this fringe group (Reps. Scott, Luker and Nate) to be called to account for their actions. We cannot afford to have incompetent and delusional people guiding our destiny. We deserve better than that.

Mike Sciales, Boise