Letters to the Editor

Letter: Raul Labrador

Regarding April 14 Another View, “Fellow Republicans have a lot to learn from Labrador.”

What? Rep. Raul Labrador doesn’t like a bill, so he attacks the personal habits of Rep. Mike Simpson? Exactly how does an ad hominem attack make Labrador a model for fellow Republicans to emulate?

I agree that the bundling of good ideas with bad ones is deplorable. But that’s how Congress has worked for at least my 72 years. Improve the process? Wonderful! Congress has only been going through those motions for ... I don’t know how long.

Next the writer blames this process for our astronomical debt. But if that were true, wouldn’t that legislative process have bankrupted the USA somewhere way back in my 72 years? Do I have to remind you of Mr. George W. Bush’s attempt to starve the beast by wiping out a budget surplus with two wars that were waged with borrowed money, a Medicare pharmaceuticals program that prohibited Medicare from dickering for good prices, etc.?

Michael Morrison, Idaho City