Letters to the Editor

Letter: Gas prices

Mr. Otter/Wasden/Risch/Crapo, get off your rear ends and do something about the price gouging and collusion taking place at the gas pumps in Boise, all the while the rest of the state enjoys realistic prices. Gov. Otter does not even have the integrity to respond to many letters. Boise is among the highest-priced cities in America for fuel costs according to the “Fuel Gage Report.”

Guess my campaign support was not enough for elected officials to do something about this horrible business practice. Hope you like what you see in the mirror as you go out to not support the very people who put you all back in office. One of the lowest wage states in the nation, with Boise being one of the highest fuel costs in the nation. Hmmm ... pockets lined ... I wonder ....

Tim Kinch, Boise