Letters to the Editor

Letter: Middleton levy override

Will you be left wondering, “Where is the fire department?”

With the Middleton Rural Fire District temporary levy override election fast approaching I wanted to take a few minutes to try and express how important this levy is to the safety of our community. We currently have nine full-time firefighters and 32 part-time firefighters and without all of us, our ability to serve this community will be greatly reduced. In any emergency, whether it be a medical emergency or a fire, time is extremely important. A fire, on average, doubles in size every minute so a change in response of a few minutes could mean the loss of your home versus just a single bedroom.

There is one rumor that we feel needs to be talked about and squashed, this levy is not about getting a raise for the nine full-time firefighters it is about keeping 41 firefighters employed. In fact, our firefighters have given up raises in the past to make sure the Fire District has the money to be able to serve the citizens of the Middleton Rural Fire District.

Please let us continue to protect this wonderful community. Vote in favor of the Temporary Levy Override on May 19th continuing the levy that originally passed in 2009.

Matt Pidjeon and the Middleton Firefighters