Letters to the Editor

Letter: Butch Otter

Once again, our “honorable” governor has turned his back on the people of Idaho, vetoing “... a bill that would have allowed kids with severe forms of epilepsy to treat the disease with oil extracted from marijuana plants,” stating that although “he sympathizes with the families coping with the debilitating impacts of severe seizure disorders ... he believes the outcomes of patients using the oil are more speculative than scientific and that there were too many questions posed by the bill to allow it to become law.”

Last year, the governor signed into law a bill that protects would-be animal abusers, refused Medicaid expansion and put more guns in the public arena. He stands against an increase in the minimum wage, supports more tax cuts for wealthiest in our state and fights to deny equal rights to those whose sexual orientation with which he does not agree.

And now Butch Otter has chosen to deny help/relief to children who suffer from “a disease that can be fatal” and their parents. You can bet that if this disease had an impact on the governor’s life, there would not have been a veto.

Shame on you, governor. Your actions belie your words.

Stanley Huffaker, Caldwell