Letters to the Editor

Letter: Dan Price

I was very encouraged when I read the article about Dan Price of Gravity Payments recently. Here is a young CEO that understands that the ratio between CEO pay and average worker pay in the USA has become absurd and obscene. When my father was the CEO of Idaho Power during the ’70s and ’80s, his remuneration was much closer to that of the average worker than what we are seeing these days at medium and large companies.

I also recently saw where several CEOs of very successful companies including Whole Foods are working for $1 a year. They do have substantial amounts of stock/ownership in the companies much like Dan Price. They are choosing to work for the increasing value of their ownership in the company. This is a refreshing thing to see. I hope that more CEOs do what Dan Price and several others are doing and restore CEO/average worker pay ratios to a reasonable level. I certainly recognize the talent and level of effort that it takes to successfully run a company. However, I don’t think that it warrants the CEO pay levels that we see at most companies in this country. Thank you, Dan Price.

Robert S. Bruce, Eagle